Andreu World Story Series 03

Stories is a new graphic publication that seeks to go a step beyond Andreu World products and, through them, talk about the culture, architecture and design with which Andreu World identifies with. This installment contains twelve stories that try to convey the industrial culture and nature of Andreu World as a manufacturer as well as their relationship with architects and designers that inspires and enriches them on a daily basis.  

Download the complete Andreu World Story Series 03 [pdf] here.

Beat by Estudio Andreu

Beat is a living form. It is not a square, it is not a circle. Its contour differentiates it from classical forms and gives it value and dynamism. Accompanied by occasional tables or alone, it can be a seat, a footrest or a place to support.

Carlotta by Lievore Altherr Molina

Carlotta is the result of experience and mastery in woodworking, with a wood frame without sharp edge and with all its joints perfectly resolved and flush to achieve the effect of a frame carved from a single piece and molded in its entirety.

Lake by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

Lake is very comfortable thanks to the careful design of its backrest. Innovative for its architecture, this chair adapts to the natural contour of the back, which at the same time
generates a personal and great three-dimensional aesthetic.

Manfred by Lievore Altherr Molina

Manfred is a program of sofas that allows for multiple combinations. It is available as a lounge chair and two or three person sofa with and without arms. Its characteristic platform creates the effect that its upholstered volume is suspended in the air, providing a suggestive contrast.

Download the complete Andreu World Story Series 03 [pdf] here.